The bespoke engraving options are a perfect compliment to your Wyred Slave product. We’re proud to be the sole owners of a high resolution, metal engraving machine. This provides us with a range of engraving possibilities that are done to a high standard, and boasts perfect privacy when handling your treasured message and photos.

All artwork is done in-house by experienced designers, when an order with an engraving option is purchased, we’ll contact you at your provided email address to discuss what design you’d like. Throughout the process, we offer a range of initial ideas, then with your input, we work towards your perfect design. Throughout this process you will be provided with digital proofs to look over and critique, and all engraving is only done once you’re entirely happy with the design.

Our engraving is done to an extremely high resolution, and is checked for quality by hand once completed. We offer a range of engraving options, which include features such as lock engraving, slave tags and a range of gift products. As each item varies in size and dimensions, please check the item listing for engraving details and engraving size.

Lock Engraving

Your collar is a big part of who you are, so we now offer the ability to engrave a short message, your name, or whatever you wish across the barrel of the collar. This is compatible with all Wyred Slave collars, cuffs and belts, (excluding the Brazen). As engraving has to be completed during manufacture, we cannot engraving existing collars.

The engraved size for this option is approximately 3mm tall, by 25mm. This spreads across the join between both barrels of the lock. We recommend a short message of no more than 40 characters, including spaces.