17th December Update: Okay we are now into the last week before Christmas. Our books are full and we can take no bespoke orders that will be ready for Christmas. In the case of some overseas destinations we couldn’t ship it fast enough even from the ready made section.

UK customers can still order items from the readymade section up until 3.00pm on Thursday 22nd. After that it really is too late.

Also I’ve routinely been working 19 hour days as we get closer to each deadline. I’m pretty strung out and will be taking the few days between Christmas and the New Year off too. So while I’ll leave the shop open I’m putting down the tools at the end of the day on Thursday December 22 and won’t be picking them up again until January 3rd 2017. I’m planning on enjoying my family, good food and gifts while working on getting uncharacteristically sozzled.

All of us here wish you all a wonderful Christmas, New Year or whatever you celebrate at this time of year.