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Well a quick look through the site will reveal many items out of stock. I’m really sorry about this but I’ve had to make these changes due to my own altered personal circumstances. If you have a peek at the about page you’ll notice Lorii is in a wheelchair. This is because she suffers from a condition called multiple sclerosis. It’s a pretty nasty autoimmune disease that can effect nearly any part of the body. Recently Lorii’s condition deteriorated and I’ve had my hands full looking after her as well as running Wyred Slave.

So with my time reduced in the workshop my books are essentially full. I’m so busy I don’t have time to check each customer, who orders from now on, understands they will not get it in time for Christmas. So I’ve taken the step of setting the stock to bespoke items to zero until I’m caught up.

If you already have an order with me be reassured I’ve taken these steps to ensure I get it out to you as fast as I can.

Once I’m on top of things again I’ll increase the stock levels and take new orders. Until then there are some items still up on the site. There is a selection of collars and cuffs in the Ready Made Section as well as a number of charms still available.

Have a wonderfully kinky Christmas and a thoroughly perverted New Year.