All Wyred Slave products are hand crafted or engraved to order. This means we have a high control over the quality materials used in the manufacture. For a quick breakdown, we use two main materials.

Aluminium used on the Ouroboros Collars, Erica Tags, Detachable D/O Ring Mounts and many others. Aluminium is a non-reactive metal that shouldn’t cause anyone with a metal allergy any trouble.

Stainless Steel, used on Ouroboros Collars and Nyx Tags. The coiled steel band on all collars is also stainless steel, however, with the PVC coated steel options, this doesn’t make contact with skin. All stainless steel used is 316L surgical grade steel. This is a completely safe metal for 24/7 use, and makes it incredibly durable.

Aluminium Locks

Aluminium locks are our most non-allergenic lock available. The plain cable is composed of 316L, surgical grade, stainless steel, this does contain nickel, however this is chemically bound in and we have found that the Wraith Band rarely affects people with light metal allergies. However, if you have a moderate or severe metal allergy, we suggest choosing the PVC coated steel option. As this means no steel comes in contact with your skin.

The aluminium barrel of an Ouroboros collars is hand crafted from aluminium round bar, which is a very non-allergenic metal. We have had no reported reactions from the lock itself.

Stainless Steel Locks

Ouroboros Collars with stainless steel locks are crafted to order entirely from 316L surgical grade stainless steel which is very low in nickel which is in turn chemically bound in to the metal. For this reason they too are unlikely to irritate any but the most sensitive of wearer. 316L is the same grade of steel used in body piercing jewellery and can be worn in confidence by most.


The Brazen collar is not a non-allergenic design, while the brass used within the padlock does not contain nickel the shackle is ordinary steel and does.


The chrome D/O-rings are not safe for those with a nickel allergy. As decorative chrome plating also uses nickel in the process. We do however supply polished stainless steel 316L D & O-rings which are safe as our other stainless steel items.