29th November 2017
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Stock levels

Well a quick look through the site will reveal many items out of stock. I’m really sorry about this but I’ve had to make these changes […]
22nd July 2016

New Charms

Well our supplier ran out of Trinity charms (sorry if you had wanted one.) But we took this as a signal that we needed to find […]
7th July 2016

Canada Postal Dispute

Hello all our Canadian customers. It has come to our attention that you are having some issues with your postal service. Obviously all the way over […]
4th July 2016

Independence Day

Well today is the 4th of July and the good folk of the United States of America are celebrating their Independence Day. We at Wyred slave […]
1st July 2016

Sale 25% Off 7mm Ouroboros

Well summer is here in the UK and we love to celebrate the summer. So for July and August the 7mm Ouroboros is on sale with […]
20th May 2016

Offer on 7mm Ouroboros

The above picture are is pretty spectacular. Katie always looks stunning not to mention the 7mm Ouroboros slave collar locked in place around her throat. This collar is offered […]
27th February 2016

New collar prototype

Well the picture above is a close up of the latest collar design we are testing. A step away from the cable based designs of our […]
27th February 2016


Well if you have visited our Tumblr you may recognise this picture. It was drawn for us by the awesome Danish artist Kristoffer Kjaer. As a […]
27th February 2016

Brand spanking new website

Doubtless if you have visited our site before you’ll have noticed big changes. For first time visitors welcome to our new website. Our old one was […]