1How can I pay for my items?
You can now pay by Credit or Debit card online through our Merchant Paypal account - just click on the Add To Card buttons by our items. You don't need to have a Paypal Account to do this and can make a single, one off payment. Credit Card and Debit Payments will be billed on your statements as Mr J Long for additional discretion.. We also accept regular Paypal Payments, £Sterling Cheques drawn on a UK Bank and £UK Postal Orders. For cheque and postal order options please contact us direct with your order. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding payment... just email us.
2How Quickly Will I Get My Items?
Our official shipping time is 28 working days from either confirmation of size, or final approval on your artwork. However we do our best to get everything out to you as soon as we possibly can so don't let those times scare you that's really worst case scenario. Please contact us before placing your order to make sure we can ship within your timescale. We do ask you to remember we are a small company and it's only us - Jason and Lorii - who work here so while we do need to sleep occasionally, we work silly hours to get everything out as quickly as possible.
3How much will P&P/Shipping be?
As standard we send our items using Royal Mail First Class Signed For to the UK and International Airmail Signed For to all destinations worldwide. Current shipping prices are : UK - £3.99 per order. Some items cost less to post in the UK (T-shirts, Padlocks, etc.) so please contact if you'd like one of these items and we can organise an invoice for you direct. USA/Rest of World - £10.50 - per order However there are faster courier options available in the checkout. These differ for each country but the prices are clearly marked.
4How Discrete... Customs Forms... Packing... ?
We discretely send all our items in a plain packing with no company information or logos to be seen. All Credit & Debit Card payments are invoiced with our personal name... not the company name for added discretion. Customs Forms are filled out using the term Costume Jewellery or Metal Parts. For International Orders please note we are not responsible for any import duty or charges incurred by such.
5Do you send a confirmation of dispatch?
Yes. In fact we also write to you with tracking info if your package is being delivered via a tracked service. So you can plot its route to your door.
6What can I engrave on a tag?
Well the answer to that is almost anything! Words, pictures even photographs are possible. We'll work with you to come up with the perfect design, supplying proofs at each stage so you know what the finished design will look like. We do advise you keep the text to about 200 characters or the words are too small to read. Plus we have to approve the suitability of any pictures or photographs. If you want we will be happy to check through a design before you place an order. If you have something that you cannot add in the engraving field on a product just send it to us via email once you have place an order, quoting your order number so we can match it up.
7How quickly will I get my proof after ordering?
In the normal coarse of things you'll be contacted or sent your first proof within two working days of placing an order. This is to allow for customers who order on weekends or live in time zones distant from the UK. However if we are very busy we may not send the first proof for up to ten working days. This is simply because we are a small business and there is little point in generating new orders for the workshop, if there is a backlog in the workshop. :) So if we take a while don't panic. We are simply ensuring that once you receive, and eventually approve, your proof, that it spends a little time as possible in the workshop. Please also keep in mind we are UK based and we may be celebrating national holidays different to yours.
8Are there any particular charms that attach to your collars the best or do most work?
Most work is the simple answer. In a little more detail; the best way is to buy either an Anya collar or a Detachable Anya Bail along with your collar. Then any charm light enough to hang from a small split ring can be mounted on the bail.
9Could you give more details regarding the differences between the steel and aluminium locks?
The aluminium lock is lighter than the steel, and because it is much easier for me to work, a bit cheaper. The aluminium contains no nickel either so if you have a very bad nickel allergy it's the one to pick. The stainless steel lock is a much, much harder metal. It retains is mirror polish and is very scratch resistant. It does not oxidise either so less maintenance is needed and is the way to go if you swim in the sea in your collar. 316L is the grade of steel used in body piercing jewellery and is safe for all but the hyper sensitive.
10What is the clear PVC coating on the collars do? Like what is its purpose and is it see able or noticeable while wearing it ?
The purpose is decorative as well as protective. For those folks that want a steel collar but need to minimize their prolonged contact with metals. Yes it is noticeable as it is about 1mm thick and smoothes the surface of the steel rope.
11Are these collars suitable for beach wear / wearing in saltwater? (My slave is a recreational scuba diver). How should he maintain his collar after diving?
All our collars are safe by or in the sea. I used to be based in Blackpool, a sea side resort in the north of England, and know just how corrosive the environment can be. All your slave need do is keep the collar on when he showers after the dive and it will be fine. It is possible that dirt or sand could foul the thread after a trip to the beach. If so a quick shirt of WD40 (hold a towl behind the collar to protect the wearer) will sort this out. :)
12How strong is the detachable D/O-ring?
The glib answer is stronger than a persons neck. The considered answer is you'd probably need tools to stretch the D-ring off of the mount.
13Can I really Wear it 24/7
Yes you can... a lot of our customers leave their collars on 24/7 including in the shower and swimming... so you really don't have a reason for taking it off :) The collars are light enough that they really are incredibly comfortable to wear long term... to the point where you feel something is 'missing' when it's not there!
14How do your collars lock?
Using a extremely small, specialist size, allen key. It is worth noting that the screw that engages the lock does not need removing and so is unlikely to be lost.
15How Can I Clean My Metal Collar/Cuff?
Long term wear may cause the finish to dull a little due to a build up of product - perfume, etc. If this happens you can bring the shine back by using a gentle metal polish and a soft cloth ... just make sure you remove all traces of the polish before wearing again or your may find the black metal residue rubs onto your skin or clothing.
16How Can I Clean My PVC Collar/Cuff?
Long term wear may cause the finish to dull a little over time due to a build up of product - perfume, hairspray, etc. If this happens you can bring the shine back to the metal lock using a gentle metal polish ... just make sure you remove all traces of the polish before wearing again or your may find the black metal residue rubs onto your skin or clothing. The PVC can be cleaned with simple household spray polish and a soft duster.
17Can I Buy Your Locks To Make My Own Collars?
The answer is a Big No... Sorry. If you planned to start your own collar business I'm sure you can understand why we say no. We spent a long time perfecting these and as it's our own design we don't want other people selling them as theirs for their own business. You'd be upset if someone did the same to you. If you genuinely only want a single lock to make a collar for your loved one, then sadly the answer is still no. Not because we are precious about our locks - although we are... very... - but because they are made around the rope and can't be made as a stand-alone item. So sorry.
18Are they hypo-allergenic... will they cause a rash?
Although we haven't had them officially tested I wear a 5mm Ouroboros S/S Band 24/7 and I come out in a rash just looking at most metals... I can't even wear hypo-allergenic jewellery... and my collar has not caused so much as a tiny itch.... after all this is one of the main reasons we made mine in the first place. If you find you are allergic to stainless steel but are fine with aluminium then I'd suggest trying a pvc coated collar. We keep complete records of all the components/products we buy so if you'd like to check on a particular material please feel free to contact us by email. p.s. I'll keep which one of us wrote this a secret... I like to keep people guessing :) For more information about allergies, please see our allergies page.
19What happened to the Wraith products?
One of the most comon questions we were asked was what is the difference between Wraith and Ouroboros collars. The answer was the locks were made from different materials. Wraith were aluminium and Ouroboros were stainless steel. Visually they looked very similar and it was clearly causing some confusion. So we have retired the Wraith name and now offer Ouroboros collars with either aluminium or stainless steel locks. So if you are looking to order a replacement Wraith product, you still can. Simply order and Ouroboros item and select an aluminium lock.