We have not had much opportunity to add to these pictures for some time. Mostly as we have either been very busy dealing with the aftermath of the floods, or just keeping up with orders. We have been running at maximum capacity for some time now. So as a little thank you here is a picture I commisioned by the amazing Danish artist Kristoffer Kjaer.

Back in June 2010 I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the lovely Holly Toy, with the aim of producing some product shots for a planned revision of the website. As well as a scattering of the resultant images being found through out the website now, below are a few that I felt worked particularly well.

Katie has been our longest serving model, though of course she is much more than that. Now our chief product tester too, Katie has been locked into every collar we make. Wearing each collar 24/7 for as long as it takes to be sure they will work for our customers too. At first, like many, she was a little nervous of being seen in public locked in a collar she could not remove. But quickly realised the only time anyone ever commented on the collar was to say something like, “Nice necklace.” So well do they blend into the vanilla world Katie and I once found ourselves at a climbing wall with a group who were joking and making double entendres about bondage and climbing rope. While Katie stood innocently among them with a steel collar locked on and no one the wiser.

A bit off topic for the site but these pictures may go some way to showing what happens when 650,000,000 cubic meters of water drown half a county. These pictures were taken after the Somerset Levels flooded in 2014. Our home was badly damaged by the water, we had to move out for six months, and we were cut off for two months until the water receded.