Maintaining Wyred Slave products is easy and simple. All of our collars are low-maintenance, which makes them an easy item for 24/7 wear. However if after long term wear, the polish and sheen fade simple cleaning and maintenance will rectify this..

All products will maintain their cleanliness and sheen if you wear them during personal cleaning. Leave the products on whilst showering or bathing, and be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry. The high quality stainless steel and aluminium in our products should never rust or tarnish.

For the Ouroboros products, keep the lock in perfect condition by turning the screw half a rotation once every couple of weeks. Be sure not to remove the screw from the barrel. This will maintain the sleek operation of the locking mechanism and ensure that the screw does not jam or clog. For collars exposed to extreme dirt or products, we suggest adding a touch of metal lubrication oil, such as ‘WD-40’ to the lock once a month.