The Ownership Flag & Icons

We can engrave these symbols on most of our products. Just tell us which ones you want when you place your order.
The flag and icons are intended to represent everyone who is seeking or pursuing relationships based on ownership: that is, 24/7 D/s or Master/slave relationships, where ultimate authority over the submissive or slave is always in the hands of the owner.
The flags and icons are copyright to, and sold with the kind permission of – The Ownership Flag and  House of Tanos
Please see below chart for details of which icon is for you …




Symbols for the planets have existed for hundreds of years, and Mars and Venus are used as a shorthand formale and female sexes in biology. To indicate gender in an ownership icon, we used the arrow (male) and cross (female) from these symbols. mars-80 venus-73x113
The symbols for owners, masters and mistresses use a shield to represent the head of the household, with an arrow or a cross to indicate gender. shield-80 shield-male-150 shield-female-150
Owned slaves and collared submissives’ symbols consist of a circle, representing a collar, and the gender arrow or cross. collar-80 collar-male-80 collar-female-80
The symbols for free submissives place the gender arrow or cross inside a broken square, representing an unlocked cage. cage-80 cage-male-150 cage-female-150
The Collar Shield combines the symbols for owner and owned, and can be used to represent the Ownership Subculture itself, and is the basis of the Ownership Flag. collar-shield-150 ownership-small 0