A lifelong pleasure

Ouroboros Collars are designed with resilience in mind. Specially hand crafted to order using stainless steel rope, and solid 316L stainless steel or aluminium finished to a perfect shine. It’ll last throughout all life’s rough and tumbles, intentional or not.

A Choice of lock
The locks come made either in stainless steel 316L or aluminium; each has its own advantages. The aluminium lock is very light (lighter than the cable it secures) and the set screw is very small and discrete indeed. The stainless steel lock uses the same grade of steel as the cable. It is extremely scratch resistant and will hold it’s mirror polish for the life of the collar. The steel lock is also easier to maintain and safe in marine environments.

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Never out of place
Ouroboros Collars boast a beautiful, subtle design that fits in perfectly with normal clothing. But when things become more adventurous, we offer an optional range of accessories, including bespoke engraved Slave Tags, Ouroboros Cuffs & Anklets and Ouroboros Belts, plus more.

It comes in your size
With thicknesses offered from 5mm to 9mm, with a range of finishes, your perfect collar is waiting to be chosen. Pick our classic uncoated 316L Stainless Steel rope, or choose the colorful red, glossy transparent, or black PVC coated steel to add another layer of personalization.
Ouroboros collars can be offered made-to-fit. If the standard neck sizes don’t impress, send us a line and we’ll make a collar to fit you perfectly.

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