Solid Steel

Tartarus was the prison that held the mythical Titans. So it seemed apt that we should name this collar after something so secure. Made entirely from 5mm thick 316L stainless steel flat bar the Tartarus slave collar is a solid piece of hardware. 316L is the same grade of stainless steel used in body piercing jewellery, is chemically inert, and far superior to cheaper grades being used to make cheaper collars.

It boasts the same discreet locking mechanism as the rest of our range. Which in turn means there are no fiddly screws to remove and drop.

Polished to a mirror shine these collars are beautiful and can even pass in the vanilla world. So if you are brave enough, or if your key holder is strict enough, they can be worn 24/7.

These collars, unlike many that look similar, are made to measure. Thus you can be sure of a perfect fit. However this means there will be a delay between ordering and shipping, while we actually make the collar. For this reason I’m keeping the stock level at three. Once three have been ordered it will show as out of stock. Once I have shipped an order I’ll reset the stock level. So keep checking if you are anxious to buy one.

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