7mm Ouroboros Collar

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collar, slave collar, malesub

7mm Ouroboros Collar


A beautiful locking steel slave collar.

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7mm Ouroboros Slave Collar

The 7mm collar boasts a striking size and weight. The cable creates a stunning impact, and the medium weight keeps the fetter in the mind of the wearer. With a hand machined stainless steel lock, and the industrial grade stainless steel rope, the Ouroboros collar is designed for heavy play and resilient durability. Heavier than the 5mm Ouroboros, but lighter than the 9mm Ouroborus, this slave collar is the perfect compromise between ostentatiousness and subtlety. At home in social settings, the office or indeed the dungeon. Safe in the sea or on the beach too. There is no environment it cannot endure that the wearer cannot too. So there is absolutely no excuse to take it off… …ever! A true 24/7 lifestyle piece. This collar can be locked on, and left on permanently.

The 7mm Ouroboros is offered with the standard uncoated 316L stainless steel rope making it perfect for whatever outfit you enjoy.

You can add a touch more of ‘you’ to your collar by choosing the bespoke lock engraving option, add your name, a message, or whatever you wish, and it’ll be engraved to a stunning resolution across the metal lock barrel. All artwork is done in house by experienced designers and you’ll be updated at every step.


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