Detachable D/O Ring Mount


Detachable D/O Ring Mount


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Hand lathed from pure aluminum rod with steel rings, the Detachable D/O Ring Mount is a perfect accessory to you Wyred Slave collar, belt or Cuff & Anklet. With a bespoke slimline, non-allergenic mount, and high sheen finish, the mount will look stunning on your Ouroboros Collar.

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With a Detachable Ring Mount, you can maintain the sleek, discreet nature of your Ouroboros Collar, but add anchors when the fun starts. With each Detachable Ring Mount made the size you need, you can be sure that your collar will fit. Each Detachable Ring Mount is made with a single, built in D-ring, that is looped with a single O-Ring, plus with a variety of ring colors and finishes, you can be sure you’ll find the Mount to match your style.


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