20th December 2016

I love Wyred Slave, Jason and Lorii were incredible. I deal with good vendors all the time at work, Jason and Lorri are in my top 5 that I have ever worked with. I spent several months with my Wife trying to find the right collar, and after debating on which one to go with, we chose Wyred Slave.  I submitted the order, a 5mm Ouroboros Collar, the D/O ring mount, and a heart charm, both the collar and charm engraved.  Jason responded back with some questions based on the comments I posted on the order, and promptly fixed my mistakes, and rebilled it without any effort on my part. He also sent me several options with different fonts and designs for the two different engravings.  He wanted me to pick the perfect one, and told me that these were not the only options.  I was not ready for that kind of response. I had assumed that the engraving was based on a generic design to save on time and effort, but would still look great.  I was very wrong, and even more excited than I had been when I originally placed the order! After talking back and forth with him a few times, tweaking things and changing a the layout, I asked if I could use a custom font, a Hobbiton font from Lord of the Rings.  He responded with a new document containing the engravings with the design changes I had asked for, and the new font. This is a font that I have tattooed on my body in several places, I love the look, I love the geeky reference, and now to have it on my collar as well, this is extremely exciting for me. I received everything in the mail, in wonderful packaging, everything outside was packaged discreetly, everything inside beautifully wrapped, begging to be opened. Lorii and Jason are both amazing, the craftsmanship is beautiful, we are beyond happy with it.  Thank you so much for the awesome service, beautiful details, the awesome product, and the wonderful kindness.


My Master and I would just like to say how much we love the collar you made for us and the excellent service we received. We placed an order for the collar but forgot to request a certain charm. I emailed my request and received a prompt reply stating that the request had been added to my order. As this was a birthday gift we placed the order on Sept 10th hoping it would arrive before Sept 24th. As the date was approaching we started to panic it would not arrive in time so I emailed again and received  another prompt reply that they would check on our order. I was told it was ready and then they sent it special delivery so it would reach us in time. Once again thank you so much we love the collar and have received many compliments on it.


Just a note to acknowledge safe receipt of the collar that I recently ordered and to say how fine it looks replete with the Tibetan charm. The plastic coating means that my wife (sub) can wear it all the time without risk that the wire will cause any irritation. As ever, your service and communication was exemplary and the quality of the product outstanding. Wish you all the best, and hope that the weather isn’t too inclement this year.


Yesterday the parcel arrived. I must say in real everything looks much better than in the photos. Katja is very happy


25th November 2016

I just wanted to say I appreciate all of your efforts in getting my order completed. You guys have a unique product! The pieces are outstanding and look better than what is on the website. My wife’s eyes bugged out, and she was filled with the right amount of both fear and excitement when she saw and touched the pieces and the collar was put on. Exactly what I wanted.

Barnaby Dance

23rd August 2016

Everything about dealing with Wyred Slave is first class. The finished product is perfect. The perfect mix of discreet elegance and robust enough to withstand practical uses during play. Jason and Lorii are a dream to have working with you on a design and despite what they have written in emails to the contrary I am not an easy customer as a great many customer service departments of larger organisations would attest to. They are lovely people who are very accommodating to a customers needs, creating for me a more artistic version of a very particular bespoke symbol I designed, to go on the tag on the collar, but more than that all the to-ing and fro-ing regarding artwork approval and progress updates was done with utmost good cheer. My submissive loves the collar and more importantly so do I. I literally cannot speak highly enough of either the product or service Wyred Slave provides and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation or reservation.

Candy H

20th August 2016

We've gotten a couple collars from Wyredslave.com. We've always loved them and Jason and Lorii are both such a pleasure to work with! For me, because I've been wearing their products for so long (over 6 years) contact with Lorii is always like talking to a long time friend. Really - they are exceptional people who provide beautiful quality products. I will note: this last collar has the stainless steel lock rather than the aluminum and while the aluminum was fine - the stainless steel is so much nicer - way prettier. I highly recommend spending the extra few bucks for it. And as always - Thank you Jason and Lorri - you guys rock!

Slave Debsy

3rd August 2016

Beautiful,  love it can't wait to wear it. Thank you so much.


6th August 2016

Received my set of Ouroboros cuffs and anklets this morning and couldn't be happier, They're sturdy but light and elegant. My request for a mix of finishes was no problem and the quality of engraving is superb.


8th August 2016

I ordered the Anya as a birthday present. My boyfriend and I had been discussing getting him a nicer collar. It arrived today and is absolutely gorgeous. It was a bit bigger than I had anticipated, but that was my own fault. The craftsmanship is flawless and I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely refer WyredSlave to anyone who needs a high quality gorgeous collar. I plan to do business here again!

John Makinson

28th July 2016

Today I received my 7mm Ouroboros Collar, it totally exceeds my expectation in quality and beauty, this will add a new and exciting dimension to our relationship, I can't wait for my partner to see this collar I know she will be thrilled as am I. Throughout the order process I was kept informed at each stage and would have no hesitation in  recommending Wyred Slave to my friends. Many thanks,  John.

Lynda & Rob Rosencrans

24th July 2016

We cannot say enough good things about Wyred Slave and the products they sell. We ordered the Anya Collar and both my husband and I love it. Well crafted and the charm is perfect.  These collars are a piece of jewelry that can be very personal between two people and yet worn in public without anyone the wiser - because to that person at (say) the gas station, who is not knowledgeable about the lifestyle, its just unique jewelry and beautiful, however (for you Ladies out there) anyone who may know even just a little bit, it is like a sign around his neck.. He Is Taken!!  My husband has encountered both side since wearing his collar (with my personal symbol as the charm) - several who comment on its uniqueness and beauty (cool necklace, etc) and a few who offer a cheeky grin and snicker - and say something like, 'nice collar'.  He says its very comfortable to wear except on hot days when it tends to stick to the skin and the metal locking device gets hot.  But other than that, he's sleeps and bathes with it and there's been absolutely no issues. Wyred Slave is an excellent company to deal with and they go out of their way to insure customer satisfaction. We have definitely put them on our 5 star vendor list as a company will will return to for future purchases. Thank You Wyred Slave for an awesome transaction and going that extra mile to make sure your customers are happy!!


7th July 2016

Hey Lorii & Jason,
I just wanted to say thank you - my cuff arrived yesterday and I'm proudly wearing it at the moment ("at the moment" - okay, let's face it, it ain't coming off anyway and I'm still not sure where she has put the keys...)
Thanks for a great service and the wonderful craftspersonship, we'll definitely be bothering your inbox in the future. :) I know she explained some stuff to you in her emails but I think it's important (for me anyway) to emphasise quite how significant this is to the both of us. We're glad we came across you - and you've made me a very happy Hubs!
Take care and thanks again!


3rd July 2016

Beautiful anklet made through excellent customer service, care and attention :-)

John Robertson

13th June 2016

Outstanding work, fast turnaround and quick delivery. Excellent customer service - we went through designs til found the perfect one. These guys don't churn out something mass-produced, you are buying something wonderful and unique, presumably for someone who is also those things. Highly recommended.


2nd June 2016

I commend Wyred Slave to any who are thinking of a real collar for their slaves. I have often seen Wyred Slave products at BBB in Birmingham and wished that I would one day wear one of your collars. That dream has now come true and i now wear one as my Mistress' collar. Mistress has since ordered a second Ouroboros collar for another slave  and has been delighted with both. The design was the first thing that really impressed Mistress in that was a elegant, and discreet (but to someone in the know obvious what it signified). When worn my collar is unobtrusive and one can forget that one is wearing it. The locking mechanism is simple but very effective. The collar cannot be removed without the correct tool (unless it is cut off and who would want to ruin such a lovely piece). Secondly, the service provided by Wyred Slave was second to none.  We had resigned ourselves to waiting the full 28 day delivery period and were delighted when the collars arrived so much sooner. It felt as if Wyred Slave had made a special effort to get the collars to us.I like to think that is because, being enthusiast themselves, they know how important all aspects of collaring are to us. All these factors made my collaring feel super special. I wear my collar with pride not only for being Mistress' slave but also because i am wearing her collar which is such a superb and elegant device. I am proud to be the wearer of a Wyred Slave collar and will readily say where to get one..

Michel C

15th May 2016

Ordered a ouroboros 7mm collar,  arrived as expected with support from Jason and Lorii. It was delivered in a protected enveloppe which a nice black silkpaper wraped and knotted package. It contain the beautiful collar, instruction, 2 keys and a nice quote. A perfect package. A so nice gift to make and to received. Sad that i have only one neck but wear it 24/7... As it should be. Thanks all for the quality of the handcraft.

Edward Lloyd

7th May 2016

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish! helpful and communicative highly recommended!

Wade D

6th May 2016

I ordered two collars for my wife/slave, a 5mm trust and a 9mm locking with custom engraving.  We received our order yesterday and the quality of the product is even better than we had hoped. They are as much as a work of art as they are a fully functional piece of dungeon restraint. The engraving is sharp and very clear. We will definitely be ordering some other items in the near future.  Lori went the extra mile in regards to the customer service aspects and that is greatly appreciated.


4 May 2016

One of the nicest couples you could wish to meet, their customer service is second to none and nothing was too much trouble. The product is well made, attracts positive comments and is a pleasure to own and wear - thank you


24 April 2016

What amazing, helpful and friendly people :) I placed an order from that moment the service I received was first class! Everything was checked to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and then delivery was swift. The item? Perfect :) Thanks so much for all your help :)


22 March 2016

Jason and Lorii's service is excellent. They emailed me immediately after ordering the 5mm Wraith collar to double check the measurements with me for picking the smallest size. We talked further and they also assured me their packaging would be discreet - which was important to me, as I live with my parents. Because my partner and I are on opposite coasts for a few months, I had to sneak a look when it arrived to me before I shipped it away again... and I was absolutely floored by the quality of craftsmanship. I can't wait to see my partner wearing this collar she chose for herself. I'm happy as ever I trusted in her judgement. She received it in the mail just yesterday and loves it! It fits perfectly, exactly as she had measured herself. The weight is just right, too - or in her own words: "Its definitely a reminder of you because I can feel it gripping my neck" ...well, that's about all I could ask for ;) Thank you so much for all your help, Jason & Lorii

Bete Noir

16 March 2016

We just got the package today and could hardly wait to put it on. It's everything we dreamed. Great work, thank you so much.


15 February 2016

Hi, Jason and Lorii. I received your package two weeks ago, but we only opened it today, as a Valentine's day present. The collar is amazing, really beautiful. We were awestruck. Thank you so much for everything, from the product itself to your consulting and guidance, and just your general positive attitude and care. We will bother you again with more accessories


14 February 2016

Hello Lorii and Jason thank you for your exellent work. Today I suprised my Schätzlein with her collar. She is very happy and told me that it feels very comfortable. Greetings Torsten and Schätzlein


11 February 2016

I recently received an Ouroboros collar. The quality is excellent and it looks fantastic on, and as well as looking great is comfortable but solid enough for play. There's been some real thought go into the design and it shows - I couldn't recommend it enough. The service was excellent thanks!


04 February 2016

I recently placed an order for ankle and wrist cuffs, the quality is excellent, they look great and are very comfortable to wear. The design and workmanship is quality with great attention to detail. The service provided by Jason and Lorii is first class and I will certainly be using them again. DK


15 January

It's really light and comfortable as it is slightly flexible. The engraving is beautiful. I'm proud to wear such a lovely collar.


01 January 2016

Apologies for the delay in posting, blame Father Christmas and all that! You can never have too much of a good thing, which was why I went back to Wyred Slave for a second collar. Second I hear you say? Yes, why not? I chose the locking Wraith collar again. It has to lock on or else to us there is no point. But this time there was an added extra that I kept secret from my wonderful submissive, right until the point it was locked on her for the first time, when she was blindfolded to keep the surprise - an Erica tag. Both are brilliantly made as ever, the detail in the engraving is amazing. My submissive has a thing about dragonflies and Jason and Lorii have been able to put them on the lock of the collar and both sides of the tag, together with a message which makes it quite clear who she is. Because of our situation, my submissive is unable to wear her collar 24/7, as much as she wants to, but she will whenever we can have enough time together, something we both look forward to. It is obviously not jewellery, but it looks so good she wears it with huge pride. Thank you again, Jason and Lorii, for your care and professionalism, attention to detail, friendliness and for the efficient way you dealt with the order. I should also mention the packaging. I don't want to spoil it for others who order, but classy sums it up.

Toni Ella-Marie

11 December 2015

Heya Jason and Lorii, Master has asked his little sub bunny to express my happiness and pleasure about one of your collars we have bought and how happy both Master and myself are, There was such a friendly service and even built a friendship which was a beautiful way to run a business, My lockable collar and bail clip arrived with the personalized engraving on the lock was so beautiful I couldn't of wished for more, Was the BEST birthday and collaring day all in one I could wish for!!!! I ware my collar 24/7 locked always and I have the removable clips to change my tags for work or an evening event as necessary. But it is so comfy and although im always aware im wearing it, and the bell helps with that too... ill happily wear it for as long as my master wants me :) I love this collar so much and so happy master bought it from you and locked it around my neck, I will never want to take it off - not that I have that option :) Much love Gary and Toni xxxxx

William Kroger

10 December 2015

Recently ordered an Anya collar for my sub and the customer service along the way was phenomenally good. Prompt responses, attention to detail. When I got it the product is beautiful, not quite sure how to open it without fully removing the screw but that aside magnificent :) Makes me wish the relationship has not since grounded itself on the rocks because this collar is too beautiful to just stay sitting in a box.

Claire Payne

07 December 2015

Been meaning to leave a message for ages and just kept forgetting. I cannot rely on my slave to do everything for me... I had to order a new collar as unfortunately I misplaced the last one and I was delighted with the way this company is run. Friendly service, prompt delivery and a slave with a new collar makes for a happy Mistress Thank you

Greg Love

06 December 2015

You've done it again Jason and Lorri, impressed me and my sub with your beautiful work and craftsmanship. Ordering is so easy and fun, Lorrii is very pleasant to work with, plus there is so many different choices of fonts and designs that they can create. This is our second collar, and i gave it to my sub at the first place we ever ate diner at, over 35 years ago. To say the least, she was definitely "surprised"!!!! She knew she was getting a collar, but what she didn't know, was i also ordered a tag to go on the collar, with very "personalized" wording, that only fit for her and I. She already wears the 5mm pvc collar with no lock 24/7. the new collar is the 7mm locking collar. I was a bit worried that this may be more weight, therefore causing her neck and shoulder problems, but to my surprise, she says there is hardly and weight difference between them. In fact, she says she could wear the new one 24/7 if I wanted her too, but for now, we will use it for our weekend play. Makes it more special. Thanks again Greg and DSgirl

Glenn Norfolk

27 November 2015

This is the first order I have placed and I have to say was Thoroughly impressed! Two beautifully hand crafted Anklets for my lovely sub and she absolutely adores them! the whole process was fast, efficient, very friendly and bespoke! Lorii even sent a little something for her! A little 'Slut' Keyring which is very inconspicuous and very pretty and she carries with pride! I would urge anyone looking to purchase fantastically high quality bespoke adornments for their own partner/s to look no further you have found the best! I look forward to future purchases as does my gorgeous sub! Once again many many thanks !! Master G & Ms L

Slave Daddy Larry

03 November 2015

Dominatrix and Slave Larry Tuesday 11-3-2015 I had ordered 2 sets of key tags (one with image and one without ) and one set of chain tag with image for my Dominatrix and myself. it was Excellently Done, Individually Gift wrapped Beautifully, and received an extra set of key tag without an image. It arrived as was stated it would beautifully wrapped and inconspicuous. My Dominatrix Daughter ( who was Happily Surprised by the gift )and I Her Slave are Very Very Pleased with the Product and workmanship. I would Highly Recommend them you are looking for quality work. Always respond to questions and willing to go the extra mile to insure your satisfaction. Again thank you Lorii and may you have a Happy Blessed Birthday. Dominatrix Daughter Princess Beauty and Slave Daddy Larry


27 October 2015

I'm a repeat customer, and that's due entirely to the service and quality of work received. They are as professional and efficient as a large company, but I am treated as an individual and I know that my pieces are being crafted by individuals. The pieces, upon receipt, have always been packaged with care and posted with discretion, and even shipping internationally I've not had to wait at all. My engraving required an unusual font and special design, and not only was the end result perfect, the process was worry-free because of the email interactions offering clear options and check-ins. This meant that my next order could be even faster and easier--though I'd have assumed it wasn't possible! I will not hesitate to recommend WyredSlave to any and all, and will certainly return to them with my own future needs.

Slave Tiger

23 October 2015

What can I say about WyredSlave that doesn't make me sound like I am either related or work for them lol. The quality of the workmanship and materials is first class. I ordered a collar and a tag and a bracelet or two and I have to say that Mistress and I are delighted with them. The tag is a work of art and the time and effort that they put into getting it just right is amazing. The guys are so friendly and easy to talk with and have gone above and beyond. So grateful to them in helping out with a problem that has arisen. Thank you, both of you Up The Irons

Paige and Rhys

11 October 2015

We ordered my collar on 23/09/2015 and received it on 10/10/2015 Im very happy with the time it took me to get my order. I emailed them shortly after i ordered to ask how the collar would be presented and was even offered an adorable little owl charm on the package i was very impressed it looked beautiful. I even changed my mind about not haveing the collar coated and asked if i could have a clear coat on the collar around a week after i ordered and was assured it was no problem. The collar itself is beyond beautiful and i cant express how perfectly it fits and how light and strong it is. Every email i received was polite and friendly i felt like they genuinly understood how important and personal a collar is to some people and wanted to make the experience special. they were very attentive to my needs and answered my questions so patiantly. I couldnt recomend them enough and i will definately be ordering some matching cuffs in the future!

Johanna Moon

10 October 2015

Thank you for the beautiful collar. My Sir presented it to me last weekend after a long consideration period. I love it and wear it proudly. I especially love that I can wear it to my corporate job without anyone being the wiser. I love how elegant it looks when dressed for work or to attend a formal event, and yet the industrial style gives it a fetish goth look that fits in perfectly when it is time to play. No one in my area has one like this. The simplistic beauty is perfect. Thank you ever so much for creating such an amazing work of art.


09 October 2015

Bought our original wraith collar in March 2014, and had the wrong size, re-ordered it in June 2014, And my sub has never removed it. Now she is asking for a more outwardly appearance in a collar that she can wear on weekends, and our own "club" weekends, that will make her submit to whatever i ask of her. (which she already does anyway) We set aside 2 weekends a month, where all we do is full BDSM. I'm talking Whips, Crops, Paddles, Canes, Bondage, Humiliation, Forced orgasms. She will do whatever i ask of her, and she just loves to please me. How can i say "NO" to that? I will also say, That i will do whatever pleases my sub. We are a married couple of 34 years, Raised 2 children, who are pillars of society, The more she pleases me, the more i want to please her. Thanks.


16 September 2015

I've had my Wraith collar for about 4 months now and I love it! Amazing work, good communication and wonderful product. I've already recommended your collars a few times to those looking for something that functions in the daytime and play.


25 August 2015\

Oliver - Tuesday, 25 August 2015 15:13 Reply to this message I just recieved my trust collar yesterday and I'm loving it. I slept in it last night and was extremely comfortable. I was a bit worried about that, but it will be a 24/7 collar and it feels great. I'm excited so I should probably calm down and backtrack. A while back, I was trying to find a good 24/7 collar that also looked nice for a reasonable price and without the locking mechanism which seemed impossible. I needed the 24/7 one and as exciting as a locking one is, I needed to be able to take it off as needed. I've had to visit the doctor a lot for instance especially for tests and once after a car accident for a minor neck injury. Then, I was seeing the issue of travel and things of that nature come up from other people so I figured it would be too hard for me sadly. I was still determined to find something though and I did stumble upon a different company with some help that had collars that looked like eternity collars (what I was originally going for), but wih a non-locking option. I was iffy on the closure and someone reccomended you to me. I heard nothing, but good things from everyone and checked it out. The rest is history it seems. To spare more boring bits, I'll at least attempt to exit story mode and be less wordy. After being convinced that this was definitely the option for me, I contacted you via email to ask about attatching my tag and making sure it could be taken off as it's made of resin and wouldn't hold up like the collar in a lot of situations. I got a responce very quickly and we talked until I figured out the answer which was yes (basically if a pencil will fit through it works). The customer service is amazing and I feel very welcome here. Then, ordering was simple after checking out the FAQ and the easy to understand options on the ordering page all the way through check out. The measuring instructions helped so much for me to figure out exactly what I need and I think that it's worth mentioning as well. Did I mention customer service is amazing? I was kept updated every step of the way not only with a professional automated looking email, but also a personal email stating the same. So, I waited wih excitement for quite some time as I understand the time it takes to be made plus international shipping can be slow. It was great knowing everything happening though as it happened. Yesterday, the magical day finally arrived when the package reached my doorstep. At first, I was unsure because I had to order some other things and they arrived all at once. So I got to have the "Could it be?! Yes!" moment. I had to wait to open it because life was getting in the way yesterday, but I was greeted with the most adorable package. The first thing I noticed was how nice it looked with a ribbon and tissue paper after the satisfying way the box folded open. It was gift ready if I was buying this for someone else and I almost wished I was (in a good way). I almost didn't want to open it. The second thing that I noticed was that it smelled amazing and it was definitely a watermelon-esque scent. And then, interrupted again for dinner. I was so excited and it was teasing me. Finally getting to open it, the collar looked too perfect just sitting there in front of me. I realized just how small my neck really is and kind of stared in awe for a second. Looking more closely, I noticed the subtle elegance from the closure to the smooth black that made up the rest of it. I noticed just how durable it was and my expectations were exceeded. It's absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't help in that moment playing with and examining the closure a bit. I have no doubt it'll hold up to my adventures. And if course, I couldn't help myself, but to try it on. It looks so elegant yet perfect for any situation and so comfortable too as I mentioned I wore it to bed. I also noticed a funny little instruction card that I enjoyed reading as well and had the "I knew it" moment when it came to the scent. I am so happy to have an official proper collar (not that my others aren't, but I've been collared sooo). I wasn't collared in the most traditional way so I'm elated to have the perfect collar for me to symbolize it in short. My experience was definetly a happy one and completely worth it even though I must say the conversion rate stinks (I know that is completely out of your control). I would love to get some cuffs because just as I expected I love what I recieved so I know that they will be great as well. Maybe I'll treat myself for the holidays because there are so many reasons for me to be a repeat customer. Thank you for the lovely product and experience. : ) I'm not trying to plug my social media, but I posted pictures on my instagram if anyone would like to see how I recieved my package, etc. I'm sure I will have more pictures in the future too. It's @Olliehugschu


14 August 2015

Just recieved my Ouroboros Collar, Gah I'm already in love with the feel of it around my neck. A total pleasure to talk to both Jason and Lorii, discussing different engravings and possible idea's for the final design. A wonderful pair that makes you feel welcome from the offset. Definately will be buying an Erica Tag after payday if to enjoy the discussion, knowing that the final item will be exactly as I imagine it.

love slave Dale

09 August 2015

love love love my new wrath collar going to take some time getting used to it but it is beautiful and well made. Thank you so much for your great products. I will come back when ready for more. thank you Jason and Lorii


08 June 2015

Hello you fantastic people. So helpful it untrue. I had a mistake with the tape measure and ordered wrong size. 1 very pissed off subby . Contacted them and they said easy to swap. 1 year later still hadnt sent to them. My bad . Contacted on the off chance the offer was there. They said sure and 5 days later, new collare. My thanks and i hope you go from strength to strength.


22 May 2015

Greetings, My pet and I started our D/s 24/7 lifestyle just a few years ago. Having been married for 21 years (married very young, and very vanilla), the change has been the best thing to happen to both of us. We did a lot of shopping for “just the right collar” and ended up with a lot of fetish junk. Finally I found your website and the perfect collar for my pet. Thank you for your amazing customer service and quick shipment.


09 May 2015

Hi guys So sorry to hear of your horrendous issues you have experienced last year. Met you at BBB 2 years ago when I ordered a collar for my boy. He was collared on the 24th August 2013. His collar has not been removed since. He does a lot of international travel and is always setting of airport security alarms. Refuses to remove it though and has quite a few security officers very interested in it !!!! Will be purchasing a cuff in the near future. Many thanks xx

Alice and mikaela

04 May 2015

My pet and I have been wanting to get her a decent collar since our relationship developed into one of dominant and submissive. She was wearing a dog collar simply so she didn't feel naked out in public, something of which I disapproved strongly at first. I was afraid someone would be hateful about it. Surprisingly, little is ever said about it, but my pet deserves better. When we contacted Wyred Slave, I didn't know what to expect. I requested an engraved wraith collar, engraved cuffs, and a key. When I got the emails it was matter of fact at first, but as I continued conversing with Lorii and Jason I discovered that they are lovely people to talk to. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was extremely happy to know them and a bit disappointed that I now don't have an excuse to keep "bothering" them afterwards. After having had the most amazing time customizing our engravings, we waited for them to arrive. There were a few delays, but we had started the order just after tax time, so I imagine the order volumes were a bit high. Any time I had a concern I simply sent an email and I got one back within a day letting me know what was going on, so the process wasn't at all stressful. I always knew what was going on, and if I got concerned I took the initiative to ask about what was bothering me. When I got the collar, key, and cuffs this morning I was ecstatic. It was everything I expected it to be. I had a bit of trouble with the lock on the cuffs and collar, but there was a card that described how to open it. I had read it, but misinterpreted it. The lock is a bit hard to get apart and back together, but that means it's unlikely to break or come off unintentionally, so I'm happy with it. Besides, it's not like I'll be removing it very often. So now, the process is complete, I have my owner's key around my neck and mikaela will have her cuffs and collar tomorrow, and I couldn't be more pleased. ----------------- jason: Glad, as I always am with feedback as great as this, to hear that you are happy. I understand what you mean about the locks. They are counter intuitive which is the reason for the bright red cards and the sticker over the keys on the card saying, "Don't remove the screw!" However once figured out you are not going to drop any small easy to lose bits in the bed sheets or the carpet.


02 May 2015

I just can't thank you enough for such a fantastic experience, start to finish. With the excellent communication, super fast shipping, and a stunningly beautiful piece of permanent jewelry, you will have my business anytime I need anything you supply. Thank you so much!


01 May 2015

Well what can I say! Stunning!!!! My collar arrived today at light speed from when it shipped out. Its just beautiful, Daddy and I love it! Thank you Lorii & Jason. Xoxoxoxo

Linda Bruff

01 May 2015

What can I say, the customer service was exemplary from Lorii and Jason, a pleasure to liaise with them over what my partner and I wanted and the end product which I received yesterday is fantastic, great quality, so smart and just perfect :) Will definitely order again :)

Terry Hazelwood

28 April 2015

Arrived well in time, my boy is very happy and so am I.


20 April 2015

Hi there, Thank you so much for the collar, its lovely and has been worn pretty much constantly Was a pleasure to purchase from you J

J and e

17 April 2015

Hi, thank you for the Wraith wrist cuff/ Bracelet, which is, as other commenters have stated, of outstanding quality, amazing workmanship and aesthetically lovely, excellent customer service Many thanks, we will be ordering from you again in the near future

boy and Mistress V

08 April 2015

a huge thank you to Jason and Lori at Wyredslave. We purchased an engraved wraith anklet and the quality is sublime! The service was fantastic as well...they went the extra mile to ensure the engraving was perfect for us! On a practical note the anklet is easy to wear long term and I'm close on 24/7 (it is only taken off for running). We deliberately ordered a loose'ish fit so it's comfortable for long term wear. The the lock is a tiny grub screw so it's very subtle but knowing it is very difficult to undo without the tiny Allen key is a fabulous feeling. But without the lock it stays in place perfectly as well so it's fabulous locked or unlocked! great service wyredslaved and the price is amazing for such fabulous, quality and personalised bdsm product! We will be ordering again for sure, love boy and Mistress V

Athenen sport

07 April 2015

Extremely good service and was very satisfied with the result! Thank youy so much!!!

Jules and k

07 April 2015

Lovely matching trust collars. Thank You for your fantastic workmanship!


06 April 2015

Collar arrived on Saturday and got worn for first time on Sunday. Just wanted to thank-You for such a greats service and a great collar that was complimented by all who saw it, so many thanks and i can see i'll be getting something else fairly soon.


02 April 2015

My Babygirl was so excited to get this collar. Took awhile to get due to heavy activity during holidays but so worth the wait. Great experience being a part of it being made to order. She has a day collar but uses the one from Wyred Slave as her formal out with SIR collar. Great job Lori and Jason. And planing on ordering more items very soon. Highly recommended.


30 March 2015

I can't begin to describe how much I adore the collar Daddy purchased for me from Wyred Slave. As this is to be my everyday collar, He gave me carte blanche in deciding which design I'd be most comfortable wearing to work. We chose the Anya collar with black PVC coating and it is beautiful. The lock at the back is discrete enough that my hair hides it and the engraving is gorgeous. All in all the personal touch provided by this business makes a world of difference. They consult with you every step of the way and as a result you're left with a collar that is perfectly, uniquely you. Thank you!

Happily Collared Hubby

06 March 2015

Last night, when I arrived home from work, my wife surprised me with a package from the U.K. It was one of the 5mm Black Pcc Coated Ouroboros Collars and a Black D&O Ring that Slips right on. I was so surprised and happy to receive this gift. I'm wearing it right now. It is lightweight, sized perfectly, comfortable, and easy to wear. I wore it to bed with no issues at all and plan to wear it all the time. If you are considering a purchase from Wyred Slave, stop thinking and just go for it. The collar is very high quality, durable, functional, and yet still discrete enough for mixed company. I had purchased an Anya collar for my wife before receiving this one and the level of customer service was very high quality both times dealing with this company as my wife can attest. This is especially true if you plan to have something engraved as Lorii was there with picture proofs step by step along with friendly conversation about life in general from real people providing a really good product. Thank you everyone at Wyred Slave and I look forward to purchasing more in the future, I'm already making a list.


01 March 2015

I have been wearing my Anya collar regularly since I received it in November 2014. As it is a personal symbol and not a relationship symbol, I have the non-locking type and do not wear it at night. I have not had any problems with my hair getting caught in the collar itself, except for on one day when I wore a hooded sweatshirt. This was something I had questions about, so I wanted to provide my own feedback! Other than that I just wanted to echo other comments that have been made here. Communication was good and the collar itself is quite beautiful. The un-coated wire looks glossy to me in a way that doesn't show up in photos. Thanks again to Jason and Lorii!


21 February 2015

W/we ordered the wraith collar with engraving on the lock. It is absolutely beautiful. It is surprisingly lightweight (in as good way). VERY comfortable to wear.

Julie Santistevan

29 January 2015

I received the most AMAZING customer service! It was beyond professional, beyond polite, and because of the personal attention taken with my order, I got my purchase super fast and, (in time for a very special day,) all the way to the U.S.from the U.K.! I can't recommend WyredSlave enough to properly convey not only the quality of their craftsmanship but the amount of detail and heart they put into each purchase. Thank you, Jason and Lori and any and everyone else who made my experiences with WyredSlave such a success! Sincerely, ~ Jewels


15 January 2015

I love Jason and Lorii for their precise and beautiful work, for the way they discuss all the tiny little but important details, for keeping us updated, and finally - for my very first 24/7 collar I got for Christmas...It´s just perfect ;)So, even I´d like to have something so unique and rare, I´m definitely recommending you to my friends ;)


30 December 2014

This Christmas Sir bought me a custom made tag, to go with my collar He got me last Christmas. The detail is amazing, and i am so pleased they were able to create a special symbol that represents my Sir and me. Thank you so much! You can see a photo of my tag here: https://fetlife.com/users/948589/pictures/34427245


21 December 2014

Where do I start, I screwed up the order on the size. That was my fault and they caught it. Another screw up happened and the wrong size got sent to us. One quick email later and Lorii was getting us a replacement made and shipped out. And it was PERFECT! The detail is great, the fit is perfect and the smiles it produces are amazing. These people are great to do business with and I will be getting more things. When I need something else I will be here first. They have fast production times and shipping to the US to the remote area I live in was quick.

Jason Fox

19 December 2014

What can I say? I am pleased with every facet of my experience here. I received Emails with samples, and detailed questions on what exactly I want. The finished product is exactly as I had hoped it would be, and I look forward to my next purchase. Jason and Lorii were amazing in both the creation, and the finished product. I have been sending friends to their site constantly.


18 December 2014

Yesterday I received the collar that I had ordered. It is exactly what I wanted and I'm really happy for the beautiful work you have done for me. I greatly appreciated the participation with which Jason and Lorii they went to meet my every request and make the collar very personal. Thank you, my friends!


12 December 2014

What a lovely experience ordering from Wyred has been. Everyone I've spoken with has been wonderful from start to finish, and the final collar cuff I received is just stunning and so beautifully made and engraved. My slave and I couldn't be more thrilled. I was originally pointed your way by some friends and I will definitely be passing on the recommendation! Thank you so much :)


07 December 2014

Very attentive company producing high quality items. I highly recommend them!

Mister Emm

03 December 2014

The collar Wyred Slave made for one of my girls is perfect beyond anything I could have imagined and the customer-care everyone with whom I spoke provided was not only timely but incredibly warm. Wyred Slave is the only company I'll buy similar items from in the future and I can't sing their praises enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


01 December 2014

I adore my collar and cuffs. They are beautiful. Designed in a way that wearing them everyday doesn't garner weird looks just "oh that's a pretty choker!" I would definitely buy from here again!


27 November 2014

First and foremost I have to say what an absolutely outstanding experience I had ordering my WyredSlave ankle cuff for my sub. The whole process from start to finish was flawless. One of the absolute best customer service experiences I have ever had. I was kept up to date with my order every step of the way. The contact received was polite, warm and friendly. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you. On to the ankle cuff itself. The item was perfect (especially as it had to travel to Canada to my sub). She instantly fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. It is the perfect fit and looks perfect on her. The tag I ordered for her is also amazing, perfect craftsmanship. Thank you.


27 November 2014

Dear Jason and Lorii Thank you for the excellent service and product its all we had hoped it would be. We will recommend you and take advantage of your service again. Best wishes


19 November 2014

The collar and anklet are PERFECT!!! Absolutely amazing fit, I almost wondered if you'd snuck in and checked my measurements while I was sleeping They were delivered so quickly. I couldn't have hoped for better, and we'll be using you again!


18 November 2014

These guys are great! When I had questions, they offered personal attention to my inquiries, and the product is, of course, fantastic. I ordered the 7mm uncoated Wraith collar, and the quality is excellent. My girlfriend loves it, and I love her in it. Thank you!!


17 November 2014

Dear Jason and Lorii, Once again thanks for the wonderfull service before and after, My e and myself off course are very pleased with the result again, what i wrote before, the original is better than the pictures/phooto's. Warm regards RT}e{

Tas Wiley

17 November 2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful collar you made for us - so very comfy to wear and my partner, already beautiful, is adorned wonderfully by it. More orders coming soon, thank you for such lovely work and great service


15 November 2014

Hi Jason and Lori, I wanna say a big thank you MY COLLAR IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It sits absolutely beautifully around my neck. My Master loves it too and even though ive only been wearing it for a few hours ive gotten many compliments. Your customer service and product quality have earned you a life long customer! I'll be back after the christmas break to get some more great stuff!! Thank you again, Jade

Jason Kemp

13 November 2014

Hi All A big thank you for my collar, It is wonderful it sits nicley around my neck. I have had a major crash and have two plates to replace my collar bone and can't stand anything rubbing on it,and this dose not and that makes me happy. I have had it on for 2 weeks now and ive been asked where i got it from and when i tell people what is is and means to my Mistress and I it open peopls eyes ans i am a large truck driver. Ill be Back soon for more Thank You Jsason kemp


25 October 2014

Master and I received our collar Oct 1st. It was LOVE at first sight! It fits beautifully. It turned out we ordered the wrong bail but we fixed that right away. We absolutely LOVE the tag!! The "G" turned out amazing. We are currently deciding if we will order a second tag that has just the "G" on it for when we are in 'muggle' situations. All of the engravings are lovely! Thank you for working with us on the font!! We were beyond ecstatic to see how well everything turned out. So much that we are contemplating a cuff for when our collar is too much for the 'muggles'. So far I have worn our collar at all times save when I dyed my hair. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am more excited than I have words for because I have not had any adverse reactions. More than anything, thank you for giving physical form to our bond. Thank you for the care and effort you put into crafting it. Very sincerely (and soon to be repeat customers) Skymaster and Scarlytt


23 October 2014

Got my matching Ouroboros bracelets and they're beautiful and I'm very happy with them. Just watch out, in the smaller sizes the tension in the steel rope can make it tricky to get them on (or off) solo.


15 October 2014

Got my Collar this morning. It's on and it's never coming off. Tis alot nicer then my old leather one, it's so beautiful. Thankyou so much. Siggy


15 October 2014

We love the collar, vary good quality and a decent weight. The only issue we have is with the corners of the concave tag. OMFG do they hurt! when she lays her head on my chest I KNOW she's wearing it! Our only suggestion would be to bevel the corners of the tags so they aren't so sharp. Other than that we love everything we got. We we will be ordering more in the future!


27 September 2014

Dear Jason and Lorii, I cannot thank you both enough. I received my collar and tag yesterday and I nearly cried. I couldn't wait until my Beloved Master came home to put it on me. Even he was stunned by it. I was so happy with how Jason was able to make the ttag exactly how I wanted. The collar is extremely well made and stood up well for its intended use. The bonus is that, without the tag and leash ring, it just looks like a stunning necklace that I've gotten numerous compliments on. Master has already demanded that I buy another one as well as the cuffs and anklets. You have two customers for life. Thank you!


25 September

Hi Jason We received the collar and the tag this morning; very nice job, it is exactly what we were dreaming to find, and more particularly my wife and Mistress. She loves it and I had to try it immediately; i think that I will probably wear it very often in our games. Your advice and assistance for the design of the tag and the size and type of collar are really a plus. Warm regards of both of us


25 September 2014

I received the locking wraith collar earlier this week. It is a beautiful piece of work. So often companies who work in this field rip their customers off. Nothing could be further from that with Wyred Slave. Not only was the collar finished quickly, the personal contact by email was fantastic and Jason and Lorii even spent time finding the right decoration for the engraving on the lock. The reaction of the lucky lady who will wear it? You'll have to wait. It's being kept from her until a special day at the end of October. I will report back then. -------- T: I am the lucky lady mentioned above. Thecollar is the most wonderful piece of workmanship I have ever seen. It was kept from meuntil the day my Sir had planned to lock it on me. So anticipation had been building. The but so so often reality does not then match the anticipation. Not so this time. The wraith collar is exquisite. The engraving that is so wonderfully personal I understand took some diligence and patienceon the part of Lorii and Jason to get just right made my tears flow with joy. The joy and completeness I feel being able to wear my colla in public knows no bounds and the iintricacy of the lock and the fact my Sir holds the key perfects the feelings of love and submission I need and crave. Thank you Lorii and Jason. for truly understanding what is desired and needed and making it reality. And to my Sir for finding you And your skills.


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Received my wrath anklet and totally love it, really good communication from Jason and Lori the engraving was beautiful and it was packaged beautifully. the only mistake I made was ordering it too big I should of listened to Jason but it's not overly big and still looks fab i highly recommend this company to everyone Lou

Ian LeCouffe

23 September 2014

This is in fact the second time I am ordering from this site, and both times a have received excellent service and my first order was of an quality more then befitting the price. I would recommend This site to anyone that would be interested. Thank you very much, Jason and Lorii. Regards, Ian


22 September 2014

Dear Jason & Lorii This morning I received the ouroboros necklace, and looks locked in my neck is absolutely fantastic. The locking system is great, simple and solid. From Barcelona a warm embrace with all our gratitude. Thank you.


19 September 2014

It took me months to find this site thanks to my obsession of the Erika tag and a few subs who know exactly where the picture came from. My Master will be ordering my ONE OF A KIND collar. Thanks so much.


18 September 2014

Dear Jason & Lorii Received my Wraith Cuff this morning , and we are very happy with it, yet again impressed with the engraving, you didnt let us down with my collar nearly 2 yrs ago and you have not let us down this time . tell everyone where we got collar and now cuff thankyou


08 September 2014

In short: the best customer service I've ever gotten, and the products are fantastic. I ordered a Wraith collar, with a pretty charm and a D-ring. I got several proofs of the design of the charm via email and the design was modified until it was perfect. Then Jason made sure I got my order when I needed it, and everything arrived absolutely beautifully packaged. The collar is even better than I hoped for. It's subtle enough, and so light and comfortable that it doesn't limit my active lifestyle in any way! But it's also tough enough for playtime and the tiny lock is sturdy. Sleeping hasn't caused any problems either, thanks to the made-to-fit size and the wire rope material that is just a little bit bendy. This is the perfect collar. I could not be happier, and I highly recommend Wyred Slave!

lori lewis

29 August 2014

Really awesome collar Mistress and I are sooo happy with it. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much and I will be recommending wyredslave to my friends. Lori xx

Allen Willey

28 August 2014

My order was proofed exactly as I had hoped, right the first time. The order arrived much sooner than expected.


03 August 2014

Recieved my new locking collar a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited that I wore it at work (without the o ring of course!). I had hoped the o ring would be discreet enough that I could wear my collar locked and at work and in public, but its not quite discreet enough, so I have just been wearing it unlocked when I'm at home. It stays on really great without locking so that makes it really convenient! I still love my old leather collar (it was my first one) and I wear it occasionally, but this one doesn't give me a rash like my old one and I don't sweat in it as much. When I added the o ring to my collar, it scratched the metal on it a little bit and that made me sad, if it hadn't done that I would be more likely to wear it without the o ring to work and in public. All around I love it and I've been told it suits me. I'm just glad that I have a collar to wear at home all the time again! <3

Anonymous Fangirl

02 August 2014

Shiny new collar and cuff just arrived As ever customer service was top notch and the items themselves are deliciously a mix of lightweight and solid craftsmanship all at once. I'll keep recommending them far and wide to people who come up and ask "Hey where did you get that awesome collar". Should be noted the only reason I've got more than one is I keep shrinking out of them, never seen one of these collars develop a single fault


25 July 2014

Dear Jason and Lorii, i ordered a 5mm Ourobouros collar and received it last week. Me and my submissive (subje) had a short but impressive colaring ceremony. We unpacked the collar (nicely packed) and both me and subje were speechless for a moment what a piece of craftmanship. I was honoured as a owner to collar my submissive with a nice piece of jewelery like this. It exeeded my expectations and also the whole experience was very very positive. Very good communication and both Jason and Lorii are not accepting anything less than perfect and both are very very nice and positive people also. Something specialy made by Jason and Lorri is the best gift a true submissive can get in his/her life ! Jason and Lorii, thank you for the whole experience !


25 July 2014

Dear Jason and Lorri, I have had my Collar ceremony ,a very special day. My Owner collaring me with a Collar made by you, the 5 mm Wraith Trust Collar. This Collar is really beautiful and it fits perfectly !! Thank you so much...... subje


17 July 2014

Wow because this is extremely helpful job! Congrats and keep it up.

slave boo

11 July 2014

Thank you again Jason and Lorii for your amazing craftsmanship and customer service. As you well know, Master Francis and I have been customers for several years. The collar and tag made several years ago does not show a day of wear. Owner recently decided that I required an ankle and wrist cuff. You, as always, provided patience.. when sending the proofs of lock designs. Lorii, you got it right...immediately!!! Once again, after seeing how great the plain cuffs, sans tag looked, Owner decided the collar now needed to be plain. So, once again, back to you. If anyone is unsure or this company or these amazingly talented people... please be rest assured that you will be over the moon beyond satisfied. They are kind, patient, funny and their product is TOP NOTCH. I am complimented routinely by lifestyle people as well as vanilla folks, who all "love" my collar/necklace (depending upon who comments). Thank you again Jason and Lorii Tracy

Craig Shupe

09 July 2014

I just got my 19.5" 7mm Wraith in the mail today. Was put in to it immediately by my lady love. It is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Fits just like I hoped it would. The locking mechanism is a true engineering feat. Looks great for every day wear, even for me who works in an oil and gas industry job.


05 July 2014

A bit late sending this, but I now proudly wear my Goddess's tag on my chastity device, another on my collar, and again so proud to have her name and proof of ownership on the anklet locked on my ankle ! Can't thank Jason enough for all his help choosing the right style for engraving ! I can definitely say that the wait was worth it !


2 July 2014

Just received my new collar (6mm black coated wraith) - I cannot thank you enough for all your help, patience and kindness to someone new to wearing one. Thanks for the advice re the sizing too. Beautifully made and beautifully packaged also. Wearing it with pride in work (vanilla enough for the office too). Cant thank you both enough for making such an important piece for me.


20 June 2014

I just received my collar ordered by my Husband, it fits wonderfully and looks just as great as the pictures have shown! The communication was solid and left no doubt that I was getting a great product as we went through the steps for the engraving that has kept a smile on my face all day. Thank yu, it was a pleasure and I have recommended others I wrested to seek you out.


31 May 2014

Happy to deal with Wyred Slave; A week for a beautiful collar to arrive in New Zealand is much quicker than our new maters managed within N.Z..


27 May 2014

Just to let you all know that the items that Jason and his partner make are superb. Have bought a anklet for our sub and the item was fantastic. Superb communication with Jason and delivery great. Cannot thank him enough for the work and item.


26 May 2014

You guys totally rock! Bought a collar (with engraving), wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs a year ago and they are all amazing! Sadly broke up with my owner recently but I wore all cuffs for the entire year we were together for, it was incredibly kinky!! Would highly recommend for anyone thinking of buying anything from here!